Welcome to Essential Health Myotherapy & Massage Carlton

Established since 2008 and in Carlton since 2011, Essential Health is one of Melbourne’s most well known and reputable Myotherapy and Massage clinics.

We are a group of experienced Myotherapists passionate about helping our patients achieve and maintain a pain free, happy and healthy lifestyle by providing the best possible patient care and treatment outcomes.

Specialising in injury and pain management, postural correction and ongoing maintenance our industry leading practitioners will assess, treat and provide a specific treatment plan for your individual needs.

Our dedicated Practitioners are highly qualified, industry registered, professional and always practice with the utmost of integrity.

EHMM is trusted referral source for patients in need of Myotherapy treatment.


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Our Services

Myotherapy consists of assessing, treating, and managing the pain associated with soft tissue injury and restricted joint mobility which has been caused by myofascial or muscle dysfunction. It is a holistic approach of injury management as the whole body is taken into account as well as your specific issue.
Dry Needling
Dry needling is a method whereby solid filament needles are safely introduced into the skin and muscle tissues below. The aim of Dry needling is to specifically target and restore muscle function, with an emphasis on improving tissue healing, increasing the bodies healing response and thus, restoring normal tissue function
Remedial Massage
If you have particular muscle tension or chronic pain a remedial massage may be great for you. When muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted and tense or immobile, Remedial Massage provides a hands on healing treatment that can be as gentle or deep and strong as need be.
Pregnancy Massage
Myotherapy and Massage plays a very important role in supporting your body and mind throughout pregnancy. It assists in alleviating a wide variety of discomforts often experienced during pregnancy as a result of significant postural and hormonal changes.