Shoulder pain and injury is common. Your shoulder is the most mobile of all your joints. The reason it is so mobile is because of the shallow socket in which it attaches. Due to this decreased socket and heightened mobility the shoulder can become quite unstable. This is why our shoulder muscles become so important!

If you are suffering from shoulder pain it is generally because your muscles are not strong enough or co-ordinated (firing properly) enough to do the tasks you are completing. This may include tasks such as lifting up a bag of groceries, or something longer like painting a wall.

It is important to stay on top of shoulder injuries and maintain adequate strength and posture before we develop any serious shoulder pathologies such as:

  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Subacromial Impingement


Our Myotherapists are trained to assess Shoulder Injuries and will put together an individualised treatment plan to help strengthen up your shoulders as well as take care of those muscles which may be over worked.

Depending on your presentation treatment may include a combination of the following techniques:

  • Soft and Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myofascial Cupping
  • Myofascial Dry Needling
  • Stretching
  • TENS
  • Hot and Cold Therapies
  • Postural and Corrective Exercises


If you are experiencing Shoulder Pain or know someone who is call Essential Health on 9663 5134 to book an appointment today or to further discuss how Myotherapy will benefit you.