Rocktape for Posture

Ever wondered what Rocktape (Kinesiology tape) is? Other than making you look like a sporting pro, Rocktape helps to improve blood and lymphatic flow, provides mechanical support by decompressing tissue, and can help neurological links in regards to pain perception as well as facilitation for our underused or weaker muscles.
 In the above image, the scapular retractors have been taped for facilitation. Most of us are familiar with that natural urge to slouch – something that we often don’t even realise we are doing. Weak rhomboids, middle and lower trapezius muscles are largely why we find ourselves falling into these less than ideal postures. Taping of these muscles helps to build that awareness of activation, and starts us on the path to building strength and better posture.
If you know that you fall into bad habits of allowing your shoulders to roll in (internally rotate), and want to give those scapula retractors a little tap on the shoulder to switch on, ask one of our practitioners in your next appointment about Rocktape. This is something we can apply at the end of your treatment, and can be worn for numerous days (even after having a shower).