Tayla Agosta


Tayla graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies as a Clinical Myotherapist in 2016. With a history of 15 years of classical ballet training and stopping due to injury, she then went on to complete a certificate 4 in Pilates, and has worked for 3 years as a Pilates instructor while completing her Myotherapy degree.

Tayla has a keen interest in working with dancers and performers and in sports injury management and prevention as well as working with people who have persistent pain complaints. Due to her background and training, Tayla often finds that when treating a lot of conditions, it is important to look at many different aspects of the person’s life, to make the most progress as a team as possible. She often takes a more active approach in treatment sessions, and believes that to understand the body and the pain complaint, it’s important to look at the body in movement and postures that are occurring on a daily basis for the patient.

While completing her degree, Tayla has previously worked with the Australian Ballet, National Institute of Circus Arts, Melbourne Rebels as well as private practice.

Tayla is available for treatments on Mondays and Saturdays